To the world she was a happily married woman, with two adorable little girls, living in an upscale community and working at a job she loved. She was outgoing, friendly, a loyal friend and a loving mother, daughter, sister and aunt. She enjoyed classical music, the theater, and singing to her children. She had a Master’s degree in Education and was working on obtaining another one in history. History was her passion and she enjoyed sharing it with her students at Brush High School in the South Euclid/Lyndhurst school district. Her students said she made history fun and they looked forward to participating in her classes. She was also their mentor, adviser and friend.

But, reality wasn’t as it appeared. She was concerned about her oldest daughter who had been diagnosed with autism and her younger one who she feared was also on the spectrum. Her husband was not very involved in their daughter’s lives and his controlling behavior toward her became an issue she could no longer ignore. He tried to isolate her from her family and friends, needed to know where she was at all times, told her what to wear, wanted her to change her first name and religion, and really didn’t want her to work at all.

Then one snowy night in October, 2006, the unthinkable happened. It was the tragic ending for this young family. Marci was only 31 years old when she became another victim of domestic violence. Her daughter Ali was 3 ½ and Catie was almost 18 months old. They would no longer hear their beloved mother sing and laugh and she would never hear them say the one word she longed to hear them utter, “Mama”.

Marci was finally free to be herself and announce to everyone now and forever more, “My Name is Marci Susan Kornblut”; but she paid the ultimate price with her life.

December 17, 1974 – October 26, 2006